October 30th, 2012

Король Альфред отвественен за американскую революцию?

Это интересно:

Dear fellow Univ historians,

As we mentioned at the recent drinks event, we'll be holding two informal seminars this term. I'm pleased to announce the first one will be held on Tuesday, 6 November, at 12pm in the Swire Seminar Room. Olly Cox will give a short paper entitled 'King Alfred as an eighteenth-century American Icon'. There will be time for questions following his presentation, and then we encourage you to join us in hall for lunch.

Such a topical and appropriately-timed paper (it's American election day) needs little further introduction, but here is his abstract:

"Alfred, ninth century king of the West Saxons, became a national icon in eighteenth-century Britain. He occupied a similar position in the thirteen colonies of British North America through a period of rebellion, war and revolution which led to the foundation of an independent United States. This paper demonstrates how a British King was turned into an offensive weapon against the country which gave birth to him."

Что ж, пойдем, послушаем...