July 7th, 2012

"Education bubble"?


Данный пост я написал для сообщества talk_politics, поэтому он написан по-английски. Тем не менее хочу повторить у себя в журнале, владеющим языком может быть интересно:


There is a popular conservative motto which is repeated over and over again recently: "education is the next bubble, people have already said. Financing college is the new real estate, and we know how that works out."

It has been repeated so frequently that there seem to be a need to address it.

First, it is important to understand why this has been raised as an issue. After George W. Bush ruined this countries finances, and created huge deficit by paying for two foreign wars and allowing economy to slide into the worse crisis since the Great Depression, it became evident that borrowing forever is not going to work and something needs to be done. Education seem to be an easy target (God forbid we cut military spending!). It is all too obvious that children of the wealthy will never have a need to borrow for college, so cutting financial support and student loans is a win-win game.

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