April 24th, 2012


Dear Yan,

Following your success in being offered a graduate place at the University of Oxford by your department or faculty, we are very pleased to offer you a place at University College as a graduate student studying for the Master of Philosophy in Russian & East European Studies beginning October 2012.

Today I have sent an offer letter to your address. The letter also contains an acceptance form, a record form and the financial guarantee. Please let me know if you do not receive these.

Kind regards
Mrs Lucy Cridland-Smith
Admissions Officer

Университетский Колледж - Юнив - старейший колледж в Оксфорде, основанный в 1249 году Уильямом Дарэмским (William of Durham), оставившим 3010 марок (порядка 200 фунтов) на содержание дюжины студентов.

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