Ян_Валентинович (ja_va) wrote,

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Re: Filming in Merton St

Dear Residents,

I am writing to inform you that Mammoth Screen Ltd are in the process of filming the second episode of ‘Endeavour’, a new ITV drama series that revolves around the escapades of a young Inspector Morse and, for a part of this episode, we have half a days work in Merton St on Thursday 1st November.

All filming will be in the street, our shooting day will start at about 0800 – 1300 at this location. We will set up a tea van, parked in Merton St on the P D bays for one scene, and a car driving along Merton St for another.

We understand that with any filming in a residential area we are reliant on the help & good will of the local residents. Due to the fact the drama is a period show set in the 1960s we would be very grateful if you would not park your cars near the location on this day. To help we will have a security man at the location the night before to assist you in finding alterative parking. As we have to bring all our filming equipment on vehicles we would like to try to park them as close to the location as possible in the P /D Bays in Merton St.

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