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Поскольку был вопрос, что именно представляет из себя контракт на обучение в Оксфорде, приведу его полностью:


1. A student at Oxford University is a member both of the University and of one of its constituent colleges. The two relationships are governed by separate, though interlinking, contracts. The purpose of this document is to identify the terms of the contract which you will have with the University if you accept the offer of a place on a programme of study which has been made to you and you satisfy any conditions which the University may impose. You will be asked to sign and return a copy of this contract once the University has confirmed that you have satisfied all the conditions required for you to enrol at the University. Please ensure that you print your full name as well as signing your name. Although all the data protection material on pages 5 to 9 will be incorporated in the contract, please do not return those pages.

University and college membership
2. Your continuing relationship with the University is linked to your continuing relationship with your college. You agree as part of this contract to abide by the rules and regulations notified to you by your college from time to time in the course of your studies.
3. If your college membership is terminated, you will cease to be a member of the University. If you are suspended by your college or otherwise subject to college sanctions, the University may also impose similar or otherwise appropriate sanctions.

The University’s duties
4. Subject to what follows, the University will deliver your chosen programme of study in accordance with the descriptions set out in the University prospectus online and on the University Admissions Offices‟ websites. However, where courses or options depend on placement at another institution or on specialist teaching, availability in a given year cannot be guaranteed in advance. The University also reserves the right to vary the content and delivery of programmes of study: to discontinue, merge or combine options within programmes of study: and to introduce new options or courses. Changes in course provision may arise from desirable developments in the relevant subject, or alterations in teaching practice and/or facilities; as well as from causes such as resource constraints or staff movements. Changes in course provision may occur either before or after admission, but they will take account of the reasonable expectations of any student admitted to or engaged on a specific programme of study. In the unlikely circumstance of the University deciding to make substantial and material changes to a programme of study after acceptance of a place by a student, the student will be able to withdraw from that programme of study.
5. In the case of students offered a place to undertake study for a research degree, your offer has been based on your choice of a subject area acceptable to the relevant University admitting body. If you should subsequently wish to change subject area or supervisor, this will require approval from the appropriate authority, and you should note that an alternative subject or supervisor may not be available.
6. Teaching for undergraduate students is the responsibility of both the University and the college concerned. Your college handbook will provide details of the facilities available in college, and the tutorial arrangements.
7. The University will provide library, laboratory, IT and other facilities in accordance with the descriptions set out in the University prospectus, unless prevented from doing so by adverse circumstances beyond its control. If so prevented, the University will take all reasonable steps to provide an acceptable alternative.

The Student’s duties
8. You agree, as part of this contract, to abide by the University‟s Statutes and Regulations as amended from time to time, and by the Statements and Codes of Policy, Practice and Procedure which from time to time are made under them. These include: regulations concerning your studies, residence, conduct and behaviour: examples are regulations relating to examinations, the ownership and exploitation of intellectual property, discipline, the use of IT and library facilities, and health and safety issues; codes of practice for the conduct expected from members of the University and/or reflecting legislative requirements: for example, codes of practice on harassment and data protection.
This material (other than the Examination Regulations, which you can view at www.admin.ox.ac.uk/examregs/) is made available at www.admin.ox.ac.uk/lso. You should read it carefully, since breach may lead to your expulsion from the University or other sanctions.
9. If you are registered on a programme of study leading to a professional qualification in medicine or teaching, you may also be subject to regulations relating to fitness to practise which are drawn up in the light of guidance issued by the relevant professional regulatory bodies. Your continuing registration on such a programme of study will be dependent upon your continuing to satisfy the relevant requirements as to fitness to practise. Details of the standards expected, and the relevant procedures, are set out in the handbook for the programme of study concerned; and include provision for appeal should you question a determination made by the relevant University authority in this connection.

Student fees
10. By signing and returning this document, you agree to pay the fees and charges due from you to the University.
11. A failure to pay fees and charges when due may lead to the imposition of sanctions by the University, including suspension from access to University facilities or termination of membership of the University.
12. In certain circumstances you may be entitled to a refund of all or a proportion of the fees (if, for example, you withdraw from a programme of study under paragraph 4, or you decide to terminate your studies).

Personal Data
13. By signing and returning this document you agree to the collection, processing and use of your individual personal data by the University for purposes connected with your studies, for the protection of your health and safety whilst on University premises, for the maintenance of alumni relations, and for any other lawful purposes; you consent to the collection and processing of relevant sensitive personal data by the University as described in Section B2 of the note on the Data Protection Act 1998 which is set out below; and you agree to the University sharing the data referred to in this paragraph as described in the note on the Data Protection Act 1998 which is set out below.

Student Union Membership
14. Your signature and return of this document will constitute your application for membership of Oxford University Student Union (“OUSU”); and your undertaking to contribute up to £1 towards meeting the liabilities of OUSU should it be dissolved.
The University of Oxford Student Contract: 2012/13 Edition 3
Membership entitles you to attend general meetings, vote in referenda and elections to executive positions, and stand for executive positions within the Student Union. It is your legal right to opt out of membership of OUSU, either now or at any time whilst you are a student member of the University, by registering your details at http://www.ox.ac.uk/students/studentselfservice/ousu/.

15. Any use by you of University accommodation will be subject to separate agreement.

16. This contract shall be governed and construed in accordance with English Law. By signing and returning this document you submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts for the resolution of any disputes which may arise out of or in connection with the contract.
17. All representations, warranties, terms and commitments not expressly set out in this contract (whether implied by law, conduct, statute or otherwise) are excluded to the maximum extent permissible at law.

I ACCEPT the terms set out above, and recognise that they make up a complete record of the contract for my participation in the programme of study at the University.
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